Custom & Specialized Equipment

BBE Solutions is dedicated to provide all the equipment required for various types of bridge building, which includes In-situ construction, pre-cast bridges as well as steel bridges.

We offer a wide range of quality and purpose-built bridge construction equipment. These are specially crafted and tailored to the requirements of an individual project, all while emphasizing on the optimization of designs to maximize the potential of future utilizations.

Additionally, BBE Solutions is equipped to provide heavy-duty lifting and handling gears which comes hand-in-hand with the necessities of bridge erection, as well as other industrial products.

Furthermore, all of supplied equipment are supported by established hydraulic, mechanical and electrical systems to boost high-performance. Each system is meticulously designed and integrated to guarantee unparalleled safety and performance during every operation.

Construction Engineering Services

At BBE Solutions, bridge building is our passion. Bridging human connections, on the other hand, is our obligation. Apart from our unrelenting dedication to develop, design and supply quality bridge-construction equipment, we also strive to provide top-notch support services, before and after completion, in particular. Our professional services, just like our equipment, are second to none, and are assured to last a very long time.

Auxiliary Engineering Services

Apart from our main competence in bridge construction,
BBE Solutions also offers a diverse list of other
engineering services related to the industry.
These include:

  • Concept Development & Construction Methodology
  • Detail Design for Temporary & Permanent Structures
  • Preparation of Workshop Drawings
  • Alternative Design Solutions
  • Fabrication & Quality Control
  • M&E Support
  • Site and Factory Supervisions
  • Independent Design Inspections
  • Casting Yard Layout & Casting Curve
  • Camber & Deflection Calculations